Why Is The Price Of Electric Hot Plate So Bad?

  Why is the price of Electric Hot Plate so bad?

  Now the whole Electric Hot Plate industry price varies, no dealer will say their product quality is not good, but most of the dealers will say that not only our products are low prices, but also good quality, but its quality how? Why it seems similar to an Electric Hot Plate why there is a relatively large price difference, today we through the outside look at the essence of the product for everyone detailed anatomy of the heating board material composition.

  One: Galvanized layer

  Electrothermal plate surface is galvanized layer, mainly to protect the steel plate and beautiful role, to prevent the occurrence of steel plate oxidation and corrosion phenomenon. In order to save costs, the market on the surface of some electric panels and domestic Electric Hot Plate is a common coating, no zinc raw materials, it is easy to appear layer cracks, falling off and other phenomena, as well as the fever when the pungent odor, harmful to health.

  Two: Steel plate

  The cost of steel plate is one of the main factors of the cost of Electric Hot Plate, and the thickness of steel plate of a qualified Electric Hot Plate is more than 0.45mm, most of the domestic plate and some electric plate thickness of less than 0.45mm; the steel plate commonly used in electric heating plate has: steel (Korea's largest steel company) production of steel plate, ordinary Korean steel plate, Jiangsu steel Plate, a few Southern steel plate, and even some are used as steel plate, the cost of these kinds of steel plate is relatively large. The steel plate material is not good directly causes the Electric Hot Plate service life to shorten, is easy to appear the distortion, the partial collapse and so on the phenomenon, indirectly causes the leakage and so on danger.

  Three: Heating material

  Heating material is the original heating plate heating, must use high-quality materials, the current common are: the United States imports of pure nickel alloy (high-quality), copper-nickel alloy (qualified), pale copper and copper wire (unqualified), the quality of the heating material determines the power consumption, because of the high temperature, often the unqualified heat material will cause local overheating, and even break the phenomenon of heat. In order to reduce the cost, originally an Electric Hot Plate should use a kilograms of heating material, will reduce the dosage to 0.8-0.6 kg.

  IV: Polyurethane foam

  Polyurethane foaming main role for insulation and flame-retardant, qualified electric panels must adopt international standards of B1-class fire-retardant foam, but most domestic plate foaming has lost the role of flame-retardant, security problems serious. Foaming density in 35-38kg/cubic meters is to achieve the best insulation effect, black heart manufacturers in order to save costs, will be foaming density reduced, resulting in foaming clearance too large, the emergence of large bubbles, use 1-2 years later become crisp, very easy to be crushed.

  Five: Bottom thickening insulation layer

  Mainly to prevent the role of heat loss, insulation do good, will directly affect the power consumption. Most of the market on the domestic plate and some electric panels do not have the bottom insulation layer, just affixed a layer of tin foil, with a touch can feel inside is a stiff foam, even if there is a small thickness of insulation layer, less than 2mm, poor insulation effect.

  Six: Bearing Beam

  As there were people sitting or walking on the Electric Hot Plate, and placing the furniture, must have a good load-bearing effect, otherwise prone to deformation and collapse of the phenomenon, the role of load-bearing beam is particularly important, qualified electric panels must contain two of the load-bearing beam, some products in the market only one root, or even domestic three no products directly without bearing beam.

  Other details such as wiring, sheet metal, etc. are not detailed here.

  To synthesize the above specific explanation, I believe you should now understand the question we have mentioned: why the price of electric heating plate is so big, the good quality of products determine good qualities, good quality determines your confidence and ease of use, China has an old saying: cheap no good goods, can spread so long believe there is certainly its truth.