Why Is The Price Of Ceramic Electric Electric Hot Plate Higher Than Other Heating Plates?

  Why is the price of ceramic Electric Electric Hot Plate higher than other heating plates?

  Ceramic Electric Hot Plate in fact with the traditional heating plate is not comparable, because the two are completely different materials and nature of the equipment, because there is no contrast, ceramic heating plate in the experimental industry is not expensive, because the ceramic heating The board is used in advanced technology and imported raw materials R & D consisting of a device in the material purchase on the quality of the Electric Hot Plate than the traditional much better and in the heat conduction, uniform heating has done very well, the traditional heating plate is a Metal material as a heating surface, the metal material with corrosion and easy oxidation phenomenon, glass ceramic material than the traditional heating plate to be more perfect.

  Ceramic heating plate advantage

  Heating plate with glass ceramic countertops, high temperature is not long rust. Wear resistance, long life, smooth surface easy to clean.

  Large heating area, easy to batch sample processing.

  Control the use of split design, Electric Hot Plate personnel control the controller away from acid mist, safe and easy to operate.

  Platinum resistance precise temperature control, heating up quickly, heating evenly, the maximum temperature up to 400 ℃.

  Large screen LCD LCD intuitive display.

  With a thermal alarm display, Electric Hot Plate (heating table surface temperature exceeds 50 ℃, the big warning light into a red warning), more secure.

  Easy to use is the last word

  What kind of heating plate is easy to use it? Only suitable for a variety of laboratory requirements, user-friendly, convenient is easy to use the heating plate.