What Is The Heating Effect Of The Electric Hot Plate And The Electric Film?

  What is the heating effect of the Electric Hot Plate and the electric film?

  Heating film heating and heating plate heating is now heating the heating of the two kinds of ways, as the Electric Hot Plate and electric heating which heating effect is better, depending on the actual situation, with the brand, price, comfort, installation effect And so have a relationship.

  What is the heating effect of the Electric Hot Plate and the electric film?

  What is an electric film?

  Electrothermal film is a special conductive polymer material with metal carrier, hot melt in the insulation between the membrane, the power generated after the heat of a heating material. Used for heating elements.

  1, electric film according to the heat element can be divided into ink, polymer, carbon fiber, wire and so on several, the market is the most common conductive oil, which is the most mature technology. Its price in 120 yuan / square -180 yuan / square.

  2, the characteristics of electric film: because the film is a facial heating body, so the heat more uniform, no electromagnetic radiation, and its flexibility is very good, strong tensile strength. But also in the above can be directly laid wooden floor, saving space. The disadvantage is that if you do the cement layer above need to do strict protection.

  3, the key point of the electric film is the outside of the PET film material and conductive ink formulations, manufacturers, different materials, so the price difference is more.

  What is a Electric Hot Plate?

  The Electric Hot Plate is made of electric heating wire for heating material, with mica soft board as insulation material, outsourcing to thin metal plate (aluminum, stainless steel plate, etc.) for heating equipment. Typical applications such as electric water bottles. The metal tubular electric heating element is cast in aluminum plate, aluminum plate or welded or embedded in aluminum plate, aluminum plate that constitutes a variety of shapes of electric heating plate, electric heating. Typical applications such as rice cookers, irons, coffee makers and so on

  If you want to use the Electric Hot Plate, then use carbon fiber heating plate is better, from the quality is also better board, carbon fiber heating plate is the use of carbon fiber short wire surface heat, heat evenly, the heat speed is also faster. Can set the temperature, safe, not afraid of water.