What Is An Electric Hot Plate?

  What is an Electric Hot Plate?

  Electric Hot Plate is a hot alloy wire for heating material, using MICA soft plate as insulating material, outsourcing to thin metal plate (aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, etc.) for heating equipment. Typical applications such as electric Thermos. The metal tubular heating element is cast in aluminum plate, aluminum plate or welded or inlaid in aluminum plate, aluminum plate, which forms a variety of shapes of Electric Hot Plate, electric heating. Examples of typical applications such as rice cookers, electric irons, coffee pots, etc.

  If you want to use Electric Hot Plate with carbon fiber heating board is better, from the quality of the board is also better, carbon fiber heating board is the use of carbon fiber short wire surface heating, heat evenly, hot speed is also faster. can set the temperature, safety, not afraid of water.

  Three, electric plate and electric film which is good

  Heating board and Electric film which is good? To see the brand price and so on. The next small series of Electric Hot Plate and electric film contrast.

  Which is good for Electric Hot Plate and electric film?

  The Electric Hot Plate is 15mm thickness, specifications are divided into 2000*850., 2000*700, 2000*600, 1700*850, 1700*700, 1700*600, 1500*850, 1500*600 (mm), power for the 180w/Square, the junction box below 20 centimeters are 65° overheating protector (domestic heating board is not), plus double protection thermostat, more secure. is divided into no electromagnetic wave and ordinary plate, no electromagnetic wave is the best, sleep without the feeling of dry mouth, ordinary second, the price is relatively low.

  The Electrothermal film is 0.27mm and 0.338mm thickness, the specifications are divided into 1 meters, 0.8 meters, 0.5 meters wide, the length of arbitrary cutting, power for 220w/Square, no overheating protector, the highest temperature 80°, not suitable for the Kang and bed construction, the best laying under the composite floor, the price relative to the low heating plate.