The Barbecue Grill Should Keep Clean

  One, peacetime Barbecue Grill maintenance:

  1, the Barbecue Grill should keep clean, do not have the leftover food of barbecue or charcoal ash grease

  2, put the Barbecue Grill in the ventilated dry place

  3, cover Barbecue Grill cover

  4. Do not press heavy weights on the grill

  5, baking nets can be coated with a layer of edible oil to prevent rust

  Second, barbecue oven before use

  1, clean the barbecue fire, tighten all the screws. Barbecue furnace will be hot deformation, if the installation is not correct and firm, barbecue furnace deformation will be more serious, see may affect the effect of barbecue.

  2. Apply a layer of edible oil on the grill, in case the material is glued to the grill, and the cleaning will be simpler.

  Third, barbecue

  1, for charcoal stove, the weight of charcoal should be moderate. If too much carbon, will produce high temperature and heat, is not conducive to the operation of barbecue. In addition, high temperature may result in heating and deformation of the parts of the Barbecue Grill, resulting in the damage of burnt Barbecue Grill

  2, for the Furnace and gas furnace, not a long time to adjust the fire in the most high-end position.

  3, the barbecue food must not exceed the Barbecue Grill and the normal load of the baking net. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the baking net to fall and cause deformation and risk.

  4, do not use the process of adding liquid combustion agents or aerosols to the charcoal

  Four, after the barbecue

  1, such as the fire naturally extinguished (charcoal furnace), barbecue furnace temperature to room temperature, remove carbon ashes, the barbecue furnace to wipe, in which baking pots and baking nets can be cleaned with clean water and cleaning brush

  2. Dry the Barbecue Grill with clean dry cloth

  3. Paint a layer of cooking oil on the grill

  4, put the oven in the ventilated dry place, cover the Barbecue Grill cover