Some Tips On Electric Hot Plate In Winter

  Some Tips on Electric Hot Plate in Winter

  We are very concerned about how to use the hot plate insulation to achieve better results.

  To be a metaphor of the image: Electric Hot Plate the hot plate like a rural home like kang, kang hot, the room heat is not hot to see the window, the door is tight, sealed well. To this end, there are several considerations, for your reference.

  First, the glass cover and outdoor contact that layer of glass surface, if only a simple layer of glass, it will be difficult to resist the invasion of cold air, Electric Hot Plate will directly affect the effect of insulation. If conditions permit, you can make that piece of glass made of insulating glass, so the cooling effect will be good.

  Second, you can put the glass cover and outdoor contact layer of glass inside the insulation cotton, the outside with a color chart hanging plate, Electric Hot Plate so the insulation effect will be better, but may affect the customer directly to see the cake.

  Third, the choice of small far infrared (400W or so) heater to improve the temperature.

  Fourth, it is best to close the inside of the glass cabinet opening to install the glass sliding door, improve the insulation effect.

  Fifth, even if the insulation effect is good, Electric Hot Plate do not store the cake for a long time, otherwise the biscuits will be hard, affecting the taste effect.