Portable, Light and Easy to Clean Solid Electric Hot Plate (HP-C610)

Yongkang Weiyang Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd make four burner hot plate,single electric hob plate and electric BBQ. 

Maybe some customers don't know how to use electric furnace,so let's talk about some ways below:

  1. plug wire need to meet the requirements: electric burner due to large power allocation in line, copper wire should be able to withstand 15A current, supporting the use of socket, plug and switch to meet this requirement.

  2. the electric stove will work when the current will make the electric wire, socket, such as heating or burning. In addition, if possible, it is best to install a safety box at the outlet of the power cord to ensure safety.

  3. Our factory provide you large quantity.You can buy a hot plate from local shop.

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