Induction Furnace

Using induction material heating effect of material heating or melting furnace. Basic components of an induction furnace is made of copper tube wound Induction coil. Induction loops at both ends and AC voltage and generates an alternating electromagnetic field, conductive material in the Induction coil, due to electromagnetic eddy currents in the material, turn electrical energy into heat energy by resistance to heat the material, so can be considered induction furnace is a heating resistor furnace.

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Induction furnaces are characterized by changes of the electric power in the material to be heated (current distribution) has been very uneven, maximum, minimum from the Center, known as the skin effect. In order to improve the heating efficiency of induction heating, power supply frequency is right, small smelting furnace or heating of the materials using high frequency electricity, large or deep heating of the materials with medium frequency melting furnace or power-frequency. 

An induction loop is a large inductance of the load, power factor is low. In order to improve the power factor, General parallel frequency or high frequency induction coil capacitor, called a resonant capacitor. Induction loop and a smaller gap between the material, an induction loop should be made with a square copper tube, pipe water cooled, induction loop interturn gaps as small as possible, better insulation. 

Induction heating devices, mainly used in steel, copper, 

aluminum and zinc, and heating and melting, fast heating, burning less high degree of mechanization and automation, and fit on the configuration in an automatic production line.

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