How Should The Electric Stove Be Purchased

  How should the Electric Stove be purchased:

  According to the use of Electric Stove to determine the type of type:

  At present, the market more types of Electric Stoves, and in the mode of operation is usually divided into three automatic control (timing, thermostat, power transfer), temperature control timing and general simple three types.

  Three control automatic type: like cooking enthusiasts, like baking food or often need to use different baking cooking methods of the family, you can use the higher grade three automatic control, the advantage is baking function and taste, the disadvantage is the price Relatively high;

  Temperature control timing type: for ordinary families, the use of temperature control timing products can be, this type of product has the advantage of relatively complete function, cost is high, the disadvantage is the need for self-regulation of temperature control, and need to have some experience ;

  Ordinary simple type: and for just do not often bake food or just a hot want to try to bake food family, you can choose "entry-level" ordinary simple product, the advantage is cheaper product price, the disadvantage is the temperature And time are manual control, the need for users to control the baking of the furnace, so as not to affect the food taste.

  Select capacity according to food weight:

  Ordinary household Electric Stove capacity is generally from 9L to 40L have, in foreign countries and industry there are more capacity products. Therefore, in the choice of capacity specifications must be taken into account to buy the Electric Stove to use the rate. for example:

  If only for the production of simple dishes such as toast, 9 to 12L of the Electric Stove products is sufficient;

  To be used to roast turkey, dinner or often have friends to come to the party, 30L above the large capacity of the Electric Stove will be your first choice.

  At the same time, the power of the current market in the main household Electric Stove 500W to 1800W of products, not the lower power the better the product, on the contrary high-power Electric Stove with heating speed, heat loss and other advantages, but rather than Low-power products more power. So, when you buy ordinary household Electric Stove, 1000W above the product is your first consideration.

  According to "inside and outside" details to distinguish the quality:

  A good Electric Stove, the first sealing performance to be good, so as to reduce the heat loss. Simultaneously:

  1) the door should be smooth switch, the door frame should not be deformed, not too tight, or forced to open when the burn occurs easily;

  2) the inner shell and hardware, should be no burr, feel smooth, electroplated bright, no rust, no water marks or lack of plating;

  3) shape should be novel, beautiful, reasonable structure of tempered glass should be flawless, no cracks, transparency should be high.

  Correspondingly, the barbecue grill inside the Electric Stove, the more barbecue the better. In the high-end products should have at least three baking pan location, these products are usually more than 20L products with the characteristics. Can make the food can be close to the fire, close to the fire and located in the middle. At the same time, random accessories such as barbecue grill, barbecue plate, take the folder, crumb tray, rotating fork fork components are fully equipped, warranty card, service is reasonable is the basic principle of the purchase of Electric Stove.