How Do I Use An Electric Stove?

  How do I use an Electric Stove?

  When the Electric Stove is connected to the power supply, the switch should first be turned to the upper and lower heater energized position, the upper and lower parts are lit, about 3 minutes after the temperature will rise, and then set the switch to the full position, The Electric Stove temperature is adjusted to 200 ° C and is normally required to reach the set temperature within 15 minutes.


  ① When used, do not splash the water droplets into the glass window of the box door, so as not to burst.

  ② baking dish, drying rack, fork can be wiped a little oil, so as not to rust.

  ③ Place the Electric Stove surface to be flat, and stay away from the gas stove and flammable items.

  ④ usually do not open the side of the Electric Stove baffle to avoid dust, oil into the impact of electrical performance.

  ⑤ remove the baked good food, the Electric Stove door is still open for a while, so that hot air discharge, to avoid the wall of the Electric Stove into a water stains, rust box and other components.

  ⑥ After use, should immediately unplug the power plug, cut off the power to ensure safety.


  ① out of the box cleaning, use a dry cloth to wipe the heating element, etc., can not use a damp cloth to wipe, but can not rinse with water to prevent leakage when used.

  ② If the Electric Stove inside the wall, baking pan, roasted net with carbonized spots, can be used to clean the squid bones of water, can not use the blade dry scraping, so as not to scratch the surface, affecting the surface gloss.

  ③ Electric Stove should always scrub, but can not use ethanol, banana water and volatile chemical scrub, apply soapy water or detergent and other cleaning agent scrub, washed with water rinse, and then dry wipes dry.


  ① regardless of what kind of food roasted, each can only be baked 1, so that the upper and lower heat evenly.

  ② take the food, the application of the handle stuck baking tray or roasted net, do not touch the heating element by hand.

  ③ in the baking food process, the best appropriate to remove the flip 1 or 2 times, this will be more even more baked.

  ④ baking pan on the location of the Electric Stove level, according to the size of the food and baking method to choose. In general, the upper layer of the temperature is slightly higher, moderate middle, lower lower.