Electric Stove The Use Of Electric Heating Elements Issued By The Radiant Heat Of Food Kitchen Appliances

The electric oven uses electric heating elements to emit radiant heat to cook food for kitchen appliances. Generally closed or semi-closed structure. Common electric oven power is generally between 500 and 1500 watts. The oven can be used to process some pasta. Such as bread, pizza, can also do egg tower, small biscuits like snacks. March 15, 2016, CCTV 315 evening exposure ovens and other baking equipment failure rate is higher than 10%.

Electric oven by the box, the door, electric components, temperature control and timing devices

① box made of thin steel plate, generally double, material.

② box door with high temperature resistant glass, in order to observe the situation of food baking.

③ electric components commonly used in the appearance of far-infrared radiation coated metal tube. General electric oven has two upper and lower heating elements, and some still installed on the side of the box one or two.

④ temperature control components are mainly used bimetallic has been gradually promoted. ⑤ timing device commonly used spring and electric, the former timing range of 1 hour or less, the latter up to several hours. Some electric oven also set up a food tray, driven by the micro-motor, low-speed rotation, so that the food is more even baked. In the early 1980s, a computer oven was used. The temperature sensor, the weight sensor, the humidity sensor and the microprocessor were used to automatically select the best baking mode according to the pre-input baking procedure to optimize and automate the baking process.

The heating element used in the oven can be divided into three categories: one is the use of a far infrared tube and a quartz heating tube of the oven, it is all the lower grade in the oven. However, the basic baking function can still be achieved, but the baking speed is relatively slow. Therefore, it is more suitable for economic conditions in general, but need to buy electric oven family and single family. The other is the use of two far infrared tube and a quartz heating tube of the oven, this type of oven is characterized by faster heating speed. However, compared with the former, the price should be slightly higher than the general expensive one or two hundred dollars. There is a class in the annex with a UV heating tube, bacteria can be disinfected, a higher degree of health, and heating speed, so the price is more expensive, it is suitable for good economic conditions of consumers.

Electric oven style is mainly vertical and horizontal two, which is more suitable for the vertical kitchen is not a big family, because it does not account for the floor area, but the volume of space, as long as your height structure is not very short Can be a; horizontal is suitable for the kitchen area of some of the larger family, but how to choose the main or look at personal preferences and the decoration of the kitchen characteristics. In addition, from the oven on the shell point of view, can be divided into two kinds of metal paint and spray. However, although the appearance of the preferences vary, but for the oven door, you should choose a more transparent and practical.