Electric Stove Pros And Cons

Electric furnace can use metal heating element or non-metallic heating element to produce heat, simple structure, a wide range of uses are its main features, can be used for annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering, carburizing and carbonitriding. 

Major metal heating element including the Ni-Cr hotline (the most common, with up to 1200 c), Mo-Si w, Mo and other alloys and pure metal non-metallic heating element including the SiC (the most common, can be heated up to 1600 c), LaCrO3 and graphite rods (can be heated under vacuum or protective atmosphere to 2000 c).

professional hot plate,amazon hot plate,hot plate wattage Advantages:

1) compared with the fuel stove easy to get hot.

2) from internal heating of the material makes it heat up.

3) easy to use in controlled atmosphere furnaces, vacuum furnaces.

4) electric furnace without fuel furnace exhaust gas heat losses and high thermal efficiency.

5) easier to control the temperature, easy to control, fine.

6) for rapid heating.

7) operating performance is good, does not pollute the environment.


1) needs to increase power distribution equipment.

2) high cost of electricity.

3) resistance heating temperatures of more than 1000 ℃, refractory may conduct electricity, need to pay attention to insulation.

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