Electric Hot Plate Principle And Usage

Electric heating plate is a kind of electric equipment, it is to electrothermal alloy wire as a heating material, MICA soft plate and other materials as insulating materials, the outer layer covered with stainless steel and other materials of the heat conductive plate. Electric heating board is one of the most common electric heating equipment, such as electric thermos is a typical example of the application of electric heating board.

1. Principle of electric Heating board

Electrothermal Plate heating material is mainly electric alloy wire, its working principle is very simple, simple is the electric effect. Electric heating plate work, electric current through the electric alloy wire, electric alloy wire will be hot, energy conversion to heat, and conduction to the outer shell. Electric heating board design has insulating materials, to ensure that the electric heating alloy wire when the current does not use the safety hazard.

2, the advantages of electric board

The electric plate is flat and thin plate design, the structure is simple, the heat dissipation is uniform, easy to install and easy to use. Heating plate using stainless steel, ceramics and other materials as the outer shell, electric heating alloy wire is closed in the interior of the electric plate, so for closed heating, no open flame, no odor, good security, applicable to a variety of working conditions.

3. Classification of electric Heating board

At present, the electric heating board does not have the clear classification, in the market Common electric heating board has the stainless steel electric heating board, ceramic heating board, silicone rubber Electric Board, carbon-crystal heating plate and carbon fiber heating board, the main difference is in the outer shell material different or the inner layer of heating materials different, such as stainless steel electric heating plate and ceramic heating board is different from the shell material, The remaining several are different for the heating material.

4, the use of electric plate

Electric board has many advantages, so in the production of life has a very common application, from ordinary heating, electric thermos, to the laboratory environment to maintain the temperature, all the use of electric panels. At present, electric heating board has been widely used in industry, agriculture, civil, national defense, science and technology and medical and health fields.