Electric Hot Plate Kinds And Applications

Electric Hot Plate is a hot alloy wire for heating material, using MICA soft plate as insulating material, outsourcing to thin metal plate (aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, etc.) for heating equipment. Typical applications such as electric Thermos. The metal tubular heating element is cast in aluminum plate, aluminum plate or welded or inlaid in aluminum plate, aluminum plate, which forms a variety of shapes of electric heating plate, electric heating. Examples of typical applications such as rice cookers, electric irons, coffee pots and so on.

1. Carbon Crystal Heating Board

Carbon-crystal heating plate is made of carbon crystal particles after the carbon fiber modified by the ball-milling process, and the heating material is synthesized by the special process of the Carbon Crystal granule and the macromolecule resin material. The heating principle is that under the action of the electric field, the carbon molecule in the heating body produces "Brownian motion", and the carbon molecules collide violently and produce heat energy, and transmit heat to the outside infrared radiation, and the conversion rate of energy and heat energy is more than 98%. Carbon-crystal heating plate in the power of several 10 seconds, the surface temperature from the ambient temperature rapidly rising, and at constant temperature external conduction heating. This product has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, economy, pollution-free, long life and controllable temperature, and the use cost is only about half of ordinary electric heating.

2. Labtech Electric Heating Board

The introduction of the EH series, eg series micro-control, digital heating board is designed for the laboratory electric products, is the sample heating digestion, boiling, steaming acid treatment of good helper, can meet the physical, chemical, biological, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, food, beverages, teaching, scientific research and other industries in different chemical laboratories to the needs of reagent heating.

3. Stainless Steel Heating Board

Stainless steel thermostat electric plate is widely used in the drying, drying and other temperature test samples, is biological, genetic, medical and health, environmental protection, biochemical laboratories, analytical laboratories, educational research necessary tools. Its main characteristics:

The ⒈ heater is made of casting moulding process, without warping deformation in high temperature condition.

⒉ panel selection of stainless steel, has superior corrosion resistance.

⒊ Maximum heating power 2000W, the maximum heating area of 0.08 square meters.

4. Ceramic Heating Board

Embedded ceramic Far Infrared radiant heating plate, with high radiation rate, good integrity, good thermal stability, high insulation strength, clean and hygienic, at the same time control, temperature and other advantages.

Product Features:

The shell adopts cold rolling plate drawing, surface electrostatic spraying technology. The heating plate surface uses the high quality ceramic material, the temperature setting automatic control temperature, the digital display has the heating area big, heats up quickly, the temperature is uniform, the control temperature is accurate, saves time and labor. Heating plate surface using high-quality ceramic materials, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, strong and durable, safe and reliable. New and beautiful shape, simple operation, good use effect, many times hot and cold alternating test without cracking. No shedding.