Electric Hot Plate--Introduction Of Carbon Crystal Heating Plate

The hot plate is made of electric heating wire for heating material, with mica soft board as insulation material, outsourcing to thin metal plate (aluminum, stainless steel plate, etc.) for heating equipment. Typical applications such as electric water bottles. The metal tubular electric heating element is cast in aluminum plate, aluminum plate or welded or embedded in aluminum plate, aluminum plate that constitutes a variety of shapes of electric heating plate, electric heating. Typical applications such as rice cookers, irons, coffee makers and so on.

Carbon crystal hot plate

Carbon crystal heating plate is carbon fiber modified after ball milling treatment made of carbon crystal particles, the carbon crystal particles and polymer resin materials produced by a special process of heating materials. The principle of heat generation is in the role of the electric field, the heating element in the carbon molecules produce "Brownian movement", between the carbon molecules violent impact and friction to produce heat, and far infrared radiation in the form of external heat transfer, its energy and heat Conversion rate of more than 98%. Carbon crystal heating plate in the power of several tens of seconds, the surface temperature from the ambient temperature increased rapidly, and a constant temperature for external conduction heating. This product is highly efficient, energy saving, economical, pollution-free, long life and temperature control and other characteristics, the use of cost is only about half of the ordinary electric heating.

Carbon crystal heating plate as a modified carbon crystal grain heating products, in the heat uniformity, fire resistance, safety, weather resistance, electrothermal conversion efficiency and infrared radiation rate and other indicators than the general heating products have greatly improved And improve. Carbon crystal low temperature radiation heating system is to make full use of the carbon crystal heating plate excellent surface heating characteristics, heating the whole plane temperature, continuous heating, wall thermal balance effect is better, more plumbing, air conditioning, heating cables and other heating methods, It has the following advantages:

First, comfort. Carbon crystal low temperature radiation heating system is far infrared radiation as the main energy transmission mode of the product. Test proved that the human body in a low temperature radiation environment, as placed in the sun, the body's real temperature is higher than the indoor air temperature 2-3 ℃, thereby improving the living environment comfort. At the same time in the low temperature radiation conditions, the indoor air convection rate greatly reduced, so that the indoor to reduce dust, no noise, indoor cold spots and hot spots, temperature balance, people no dry feeling, soft as the sun feel.

Second, economy. The product is heating up quickly, fast heating: 5 minutes to heat, carbon crystal hot plate directly on the indoor radiation heat, the temperature rise faster than the traditional plumbing and heating cable more than 5 times; due to the realization of the household, sub-room heating According to the temperature and the need to adjust the room temperature, can also save operating costs, a heating season, the construction area of 100 square meters of national standard residential use costs not more than 2,000 yuan, the daily operating costs are one-third of air conditioning, More than half of the cable, is a real affordable, affordable new heating products; high thermal efficiency, is the highest conversion rate of the product, the conversion rate of up to 98%; system efficiency, when the room temperature is set to 16 ℃, can achieve 18 ℃ heating effect, room temperature for each reduction can save 5% of the energy.

Third, safe and reliable, long service life. Carbon crystal electric plate production in line with GB / T 4654-2008 standards, and through the National Infrared and Industrial Electric Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, as well as the relevant "household and similar electrical safety requirements" GB4706.1-2005, "home And similar use of electrical safety indoor heater special requirements "GB4706.23-2007 standard test. Product insulation strength, flame retardant, waterproof, moisture, corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, life of more than 100,000 hours.

Fourth, the installation is simple, beautiful design, carbon crystal hot plate to the international advanced modular concept of product design, production, reasonable structure, easy installation, according to your preferences arbitrary layout heating area, partition installation, partition control, partition heating ; The system is installed on the wall or on the ground, do not take up indoor use of space, and can play a decoration and beautiful effect; the system does not require maintenance, saving the other The maintenance and operating costs required for heating.

Fifth, good for good health, which is carbon crystal low temperature radiation heating system of outstanding advantages. Carbon crystal heating plate in the heating at the same time, outward far infrared radiation, medicine called "life light wave." Far infrared for blood circulation and microcirculation caused by a variety of diseases have improved and prevention and treatment. "Life light" infiltration into the body, will promote the subcutaneous deep temperature rise, and microvascular expansion, speed up blood circulation, is conducive to the removal of blood vessels and animal harmful substances, will hinder the removal of metabolic disorders (such as food in the harmful substances, And subcutaneous fat, sodium, uric acid, accumulated in the pores of the cosmetic residue, etc.), re-organization of the resurrection, to promote enzyme production, to activate the tissue cells, to prevent aging, strengthen the immune system.