Electric Furnace Operating Procedures

Electric heater operating procedures you know?

Electric heater operating procedures you know? Let's say it!

Electric furnace Before the operation:

1, check the equipment is normal, the button is placed in the "off" position.

2, open the steam valve, so that the water supply smoothly.

3, start the feed pump (automatic), pay attention to the water level, when the water level reaches the upper limit, pay attention should be able to automatically stop the water supply, close the valve.

Electric furnace operation work:

1, start the device, when the steam pressure rose to 0.58mpa, the device should be able to automatically stop heating.

2, when the temperature of the furnace rose to the temperature required to open the process, open the steam bypass valve, so that the water discharged until the discharge of steam without water droplets, close the bypass valve, to the hair furnace filled with steam. When the steam pressure drops to 0.38mpa, the device can automatically start heating.

3, adjust the valve to ensure that the filling of the furnace steam pressure in the range of 0.04-0.07mpa. Pumps can automatically add water to ensure that the water level between the upper and lower limits.

Electric furnace After the operation of the:

1, stop the machine, turn off the total power.

2, work is completed, let go of steam, when the steam pressure dropped to 0.05mpa, open the drain valve, until the dirt row so far, close the sewage valve.

3, clean up the workplace.

The above is what I introduce to you the operation of the electric furnace.