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Electric furnace

Electric furnace A device that uses electricity to produce steam or hot water. And all the electrical equipment, electric furnace has a simple structure, lightweight, clean and pollution-free, high degree of automation. Widely used in people's lives.

Electric furnace Advantages and disadvantages

Electric furnace advantage:

① high thermal efficiency;

② furnace temperature uniformity, product quality is good, no smoke pollution;

③ small environmental pollution, and even no pollution;

④ easy to operate, can control a variety of atmosphere;

⑤ equipment is simple, investment province;

⑥ high degree of automation, labor intensity is small;

⑦ simple structure, lining long life.

Electric furnace Disadvantages:

① electrical equipment complex, high power consumption.

② control other atmosphere, the need to access other gases.

Electric furnace The application of electric furnace

1, the machinery industry for raw materials, rough, mechanical parts with heat. Such as the blank before the blank heating, forging heating.

2, mechanical parts and semi-finished products to improve the heat treatment to its mechanical properties, such as into the bar quenching, tempering, annealing, gas carburizing, nitriding and so on.

3, low melting point metal melting and ceramic glass industry heating.

4, the physical properties of inorganic materials testing.

5, the laboratory for scientific research.