Double solid burner with diametre of 187 and 155mm cast iron plate

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1, you need make the place to be flat:

make electric two burner hot plate table to be flat, especially when eating pls pay attention to hot pot on the table. If the table is not flat,the electric furnace of a foot suspended, the use of pot gravity will force the furnace body deformation and even damage. 

In addition, if the table has a tilt, when the electric dual hot plate heating pot, the pot is also easy to cause the micro pot sliding out of danger.

2,To ensure smooth porces: 

electric heating furnace will heating up with the cookware heating up. Therefore. When placed in the kitchen electric furnace, the body should ensure that the inlet and outlet holes without any object blocked. The side of the furnace body and under the mat (heap) is likely to damage the electric furnace objects, liquid. It should be noted that, when the electric furnace in the work, such as the discovery of its built-in fan does not turn, to immediately disable, and timely maintenance.

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