Classification And Application Of Electric Hot Plate

Classification and Application of Electric Hot Plate

The hot plate is made of electric heating wire for heating material, with mica soft board as insulation material, outsourcing to thin metal plate (aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, etc.) for heating equipment. Typical applications such as electric water bottles. The metal tubular electric heating element is cast in aluminum plate, aluminum plate or welded or embedded in aluminum plate, aluminum plate that constitutes a variety of shapes of electric heating plate, electric heating. Typical applications such as rice cookers, irons, Electric Hot Plate coffee makers and so on.

Stainless steel heating plate

Stainless steel thermostat is widely used in the drying, drying and other temperature test of the sample. It is an essential tool for biological, genetic, medical and health, Electric Hot Plate environmental protection, biochemical laboratory, analysis room, educational research. Its main features:

⒈ heater using casting molding process, high temperature state without warping deformation.

⒉ panel selection of stainless steel, has excellent corrosion resistance.

⒊ maximum heating power of 2000W, the maximum heating area of 0.08 square meters.

⒋ temperature control by the thermostat knob, easy to operate, safe to use.

Ceramic heating plate

A good thermal shock ceramic material composition. A far-infrared radiation performance of good metal oxide raw materials and put the right amount of additives to improve the radiation intensity, and enhance the adaptability of the blank axis.

Shell with cold-rolled plate drawing, surface electrostatic spray process. Heating plate surface using high-quality ceramic materials, temperature set automatically temperature control, digital display with a large heating area, heating up fast, uniform temperature, temperature control accuracy, saving time and effort. Heating plate surface using high-quality ceramic materials, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, durable, safe and reliable.

Embedded ceramic far infrared radiation heating plate, with high emissivity, good integrity, good thermal stability, high dielectric strength, clean, and can control, temperature and so on.

Cast aluminum cast iron hot plate

Work panel selection of cast iron, has excellent corrosion resistance, working surface temperature uniformity.

Copper hot plate

Casting plate electric ring / plate structure and shell-like Electric Hot Plate, just the board for the metal casting parts, so the strength, the board is not easy to deformation, most of the current domestic use of this structure. The tubular element type electric heating plate is a heating plate formed by bending a metal tubular electric heating element into a plane spiral involute, and the metal tubular electric heating element is a semicircular cross section, and the plate surface is flat, and the cross section makes the hot plate and the cooking There is a large heat transfer between the bottom of the pot, used to improve thermal efficiency.