Characteristics Of Induction Furnaces For Heating Furnace

Quick heating, high production efficiency, removing carbon dioxide less, saving material and die cost

Due to the principle of medium frequency induction heating for electromagnetic induction and its calories within the workpiece itself, ordinary workers are forging with intermediate frequency electric furnace to work ten minutes after the continuous work of the task, without burning professional workers ahead of kiln and furnace work. Don't have to worry about due to power outages or equipment failure caused by the stove has heated billet waste. Due to the heating mode temperature rises rapidly, so little oxide per ton compared to forgings and coal stove burning at least 20-50 kg of raw materials for steel, the material utilization ratio is 95%. Because the heating heating uniformity, minimum temperature difference between the core table, so in terms of forging also significantly increases the service life of forging die forgings surface roughness less than 50um.

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Working environment, improving the working environment and the company's image, no pollution, low energy consumption

Compared to the induction heating furnace and the coal stove, coal stove workers will not be affected by the hot sun baked and smoked, can achieve the requirements of the Environmental Protection Department, and establish the company's external image and future development trend of forging industry. 

Induction heating is the most energy-efficient heating electric heating furnace heated from room temperature to 1100 ℃ tons of forgings for power consumption is less than 360 degrees.

Even heating temperature minimum core tables, high precision temperature control

Induction heating furnace has a small size, light weight, high efficiency, hot processing quality and beneficial to environmental advantages are rapid phase-out of coal-fired furnaces, gas furnace, oil furnace, and the General resistance furnace, heating equipment is a new generation of metal.

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