Buying Guide

1, mark. Check the product label for gas type and consistency of your home. If unable to apply gas type label on the stove, the stove must be unqualified and never buy.

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2, stove surface material. 

Stove surface materials include both stainless steel and tempered glass, solid, stainless steel stove surface materials, but the stains are more difficult to clean after using for a long time. Meanwhile, stainless steel stove surface the thicker, the better, and some shoddy products the stove surface thickness less than 0.3 mm, easily collapse in use, likely to cause personal injury. Glass stove surface elegant appearance, easy to clean, Yi Guangliang as new after using for a long time, but if you get a lemon, is used in the process of glass.

3, stove. Furnace material mainly in stainless steel, cast iron and brass forging, as barbecue burner fire for long periods, prone to deformation, so the furnace head the material and thickness are important, General burner the heavier, the better.

4, fire. Requires at least one burner is a greaat fire, in order to meet the needs of FRY, which generally select heat flux in the 3.6 kW, 4.2 kW, another burner you can choose below the 3.6 kW in order to steam, boil, soup, use.

5 cover, fire shapes. Gas cooker under fire cover shape divided into fire cover and rotate cover fire. 

Typically, spinning fire cover combustion heat efficiency is high, fire a greater concentration of suitable stir. Rotating fire excessive concentrations of carbon monoxide in the flue gas, and fire uniform cover fire and carbon monoxide in the flue gas content generally are less overweight.

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