BBQ Grill Purchase And Maintenance Methods

Now very popular barbecue, barbecue in the field is certainly not barbecue, so to buy a good barbecue rack to let you have a better barbecue experience. Below for you to organize how to buy barbecue rack related content, hope to you useful!

The method of choosing barbecue rack

1. See if the barbecue rack has relevant safety certification

For example, barbecue racks have three C certification, GS certification.

2, see Barbecue grill of the material

To ensure that the purchase of barbecue stoves are more durable than the material, such as it is more wearable, fire-resistant, corrosion resistance is not easy to rust, easy to clean, more non-toxic health. For example, stainless steel and enamel materials are good choices. It is best not to choose the tin, the kind of permanent very easy to rust rotten, my home is a tin of rust rotten, one day baked on the bottom of the leak.

3, see Barbecue Grill grill whether there is a lid

If it is only used to barbecue, you can not choose to have the lid of the barbecue stove, and with the lid of the barbecue stove, cover the fire will weaken naturally, so the barbecue can not only barbecue can also be smoked, baked, stewed and other cooking methods.

4, see if the barbecue rack need to throttle

At present, there are some models of barbecue rack with adjustable throttle design, according to the need to rotate the damper to get the ideal barbecue temperature.

5, choose barbecue rack size

Generally according to the number of barbecue to choose the appropriate size, if the number of people to participate in the barbecue is more natural to choose a larger barbecue rack. In addition, if you want to travel, you need to consider whether it is convenient to carry.

The maintenance method of barbecue grill

1, the barbecue stove should keep clean, do not have the leftover food of barbecue or charcoal ash grease.

2, the barbecue stove placed in the ventilated dry place.

3, cover barbecue stove cover.

4. Do not press heavy weights on the barbecue stove.

5, baking nets can be coated with a layer of edible oil to prevent rust.