BBQ Grill How To Choose The Right

Today's barbecue tools on the market dazzling array of products, then as barbecue lovers should be how to choose? What skills? Such as the weekend about five or six friends barbecue activities, what kind of barbecue it? What tools do you need to make barbecue activities perfect?

1. Look at the main material, material in two parts. The first is the main parts of the barbecue or barbecue pits, such as the furnace body, cover, etc., this part is to ensure the durability of barbecue protection, the market is mostly made of stainless steel, which is commonly referred to as stainless steel, Brand is made of stainless steel, even these brands will have the use of stainless steel products, but that is only to enrich some of the cheap products, the product will not be the main material.

2. See the annex material, here that is the thickness of the material, the same product can have different thickness, which is the production enterprises in order to control the cost of the most likely to speculation, take the first time easy to see the cover : The cover of the production process, the thickness of the material, timber material, the impact of the overall appearance of the stove and airtight, which can be observed by the naked eye, barbecue grill is also the overall appearance of the most prominent part of the barbecue, conventional Contrast method is to observe whether the double-layer cover, and the assembly process is dense, the material is too thin, the hand can appear groove! And the cover surface in the side can see the bumps, beautiful out of the question. Understand it, simply said, look at the weight of the barbecue, if too light barbecue, the service life is not long.

3. Look at the roasted web material

In order to control labor costs, simple processing, sacrifice the barbecue grill, barbecue grill high efficiency, part of the use of wave-shaped roasted net, making the product more prominent noble, the barbecue grill, This is the difference between brand-name products and general products. Branded barbecue will be in any part of the product are always highlight the distinguished and luxurious brand. There is also the need for roasted roasted surface treatment, but also need to pass food safety testing certification.

4. power

The thermal efficiency of the barbecue can not be seen simply to see the number of burners, the power of the burner is very important factor, the design of the burner burner can save fuel, reduce unnecessary energy consumption, while maximizing their own effectiveness to play!