BBQ Grill A Tool For Food Cooking In Furniture

BBQ Grill, furniture A tool for food cooking with a grill, a baking pan that can enjoy the picnic at home, outdoors and courtyard.

According to the shape is divided into: circular flat barbecue net, circular concave barbecue net, square plane barbecue net, square concave barbecue net.

According to the net handle is divided into: with a barbecue grill (also known as barbecue), without a handle barbecue net.

Material: stainless steel mesh, iron mesh. Embossed mesh as a net base, surface treatment can be galvanized, chrome, smooth surface, reasonable structure.

Barbecue net is divided into two kinds of flat, convex. Dimensions, according to customer demand for production.


Process: the flower weaving, ginning weaving, welding and so on.

Mainly using the use of stainless steel wire spot welding made of, polished surface treatment, made of welding, its shape is divided into circular, square, curved and so on.


Affordable, high temperature deformation, no rust, non-toxic and tasteless, environmental health, easy to use. Easy to install, beautiful appearance, roasted chrome, safety and health. With a convenient, lightweight, innovative style, Seiko production, materials used sophisticated, luxurious generous, durable and so on.


Barbecue grill is widely used inside the oven to make barbecue shelves. Used for pasta, meat and other barbecue.


As the type and style of different quality, the price of barbecue about 20-500 yuan range.


Oil or carbon scale, you can use the degreasing agent to clean the parts directly to the spray, wait for a few minutes, then wet cloth or paper towel can easily remove the oil. Or first with vinegar soak, and then brush the wire on the line, with the wire ball is also OK.