Barbecue The Role

Barbecue What do you know about the?

Barbecue The barbecue grill should be an open, smoke-free, direct barbecue grill.

First, it should be a clear barbecue grill, otherwise, there is no visible barbecue fun, not a barbecue, but only a barbecue oven, and secondly, should be smoke-free barbecue, because the family can not tolerate the exhaust and fumes Of the discharge, of course, should also be a direct barbecue, otherwise it is teppanyaki and frying pan, and to achieve the above requirements, only the use of electric barbecue can be achieved.

Barbecue Household barbecue without having to fire, power to come, and its convenience. In addition to the barbecue banquet, daily life is also very easy to use. BBQ can not only be used to organize barbecue feast, daily life can also be used everywhere.

Barbecue Barbecue effect

1, can be used to do early, baked bread, fried dough sticks, steamed bread, bait, ciba, rice cakes, baked out do not have flavor! Accompanied by milk, soy milk, porridge, a wonderful breakfast became, not very comfortable? Generally the barbecue does not have to clean the stove, easy and convenient.

2, dinner, barbecue one or two dishes with, is not difficult, baked a few strings of meat, baked a fish, baked two stinky tofu, or roasted three chicken wings, or baked a small melon, grilled a few leeks , Or roasted eggplant, spicy used for cold, are very convenient.

3, for the restaurant industry: as long as the street, free baked lamb skewers, burning tofu, milk fan, as a snack betrayal, dinner can be used to produce specialties, grilled fish, grilled tofu, grilled steak, Delicious, unique, can be worth a chef on the role of the introduction of harmless barbecue food, will certainly be popular.

4, home snacks, supper: roasted lamb fan, dry bar, burning tofu, ham ... ..., as long as you want to eat, you can burn to do snacks, do supper. Can be hundreds of barbecued food, you can do whatever you want, so you tried countless food, you are the chef, cooks.

Barbecue This barbecue has just come out, has not been the majority of people's understanding.