Barbecue Is Our Own Items

Barbecue selection

Consider whether the barbecue is portable. Outdoor barbecue is our own items, so buy the best to take into account the problem in this area, you can facilitate us to carry, which can bring us a lot of convenience, it is best to choose the best choice of the kind of folding barbecue frame.

Barbecue According to material purchase. The barbecue grill is a variety of materials, and the price is different, do not have to buy expensive, but the iron barbecue shelf life is certainly not very long, it is recommended to choose the kind of stainless steel, more solid than the iron Durable, and not easy to rust.

Barbecue Choose from the size of the barbecue. Surely some people think that the smaller the better portable, but also need to take into account the number of barbecue factors, so the purchase can be based on the number of barbecue to determine the size of the barbecue, so that everyone can eat delicious barbecue.

Barbecue Whether it is equipped with oil and smoke prevention devices. Barbecue, the meat will drip, oil drops into the high temperature of the stone will smoke, smoke stains in food will produce a bad taste. So, the stove should have some kind of equipment to catch the oil, and then let the oil flow to the outside of the furnace.

Barbecue Whether with a thermometer. In the barbecue recipe often see what temperature baking how long, if there is no thermometer, it can only rely on speculation, so it is difficult to determine whether the food is cooked.

Barbecue Note the method

Barbecue by adding half of the ignition and half of the unburned charcoal use, need to add fire, just add raw carbon can be, according to the experiment, can save charcoal about 60%. Simple and quick, save time and effort, low cost, easy to demolition. Easy to install, easy to use, according to the need to move the desktop. The internal device is not easy to damage, the internal air purification system without the need to install the exhaust pipe, simply install the oven to the fire on the desktop can be connected to the power supply, reducing the cost of facilities and downtime, because the meat will not stick to the baking tray So do not often change the baking tray, smoke pipes are clear, clean and easy maintenance simple. Can also use air conditioning, air conditioning is convection way to cool the heat after the release of this process due to serious pollution, most of the barbecue shop does not open air conditioning, our oven can not only prevent air pollution, but also effective purification of part of the air , So open the fan and air conditioning will not pollute the air. Because of their own clean air is very clean, not jump oil to the guests of the clothes will not have oil, so that guests in a clean, comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the food. Smoke pipes are clear, clean and easy maintenance simple. Configure the fire control button, according to the need for firepower and barbecue process of self-regulation, easy to disc, normal consumption without changing the disk, and can bake a variety of food.