Barbecue Grill Has The Advantage

  Barbecue grill has the advantage

  1. Portable: solar ovens are mostly folded, you can start and put away when needed, their total weight is relatively light,Barbecue grill easy to fold to carry and storage.

  2. Health: the traditional coal barbecue fumes and chemical emissions and toxic substances, easy to harm the human health, the United States a research center to prove that eating a carbon chicken is equivalent to smoking 60 cigarettes toxicity. This product in the baking process, the whole process in the food grade stainless steel liner, isolated from the outside world, no fumes and chemical emissions, baking process does not produce open flame, does not produce burnt material, so that when the user to enjoy the food at the same time , Experience healthy living.

  3. Nutrition: traditional barbecue in the baking process will occur Mela reaction, with the fragrance of the distribution,Barbecue grill vitamins, protein, amino acids will be destroyed. This product uses solar light to do heat, and do not directly contact the baked food, to avoid the chemical reaction of food loss of nutrition, so that food is more nutritious and delicious.

  4. Safety: When you put the food into the furnace, you can do anything with the heart, just after the baking time enough to remove the food can be eaten. Do not have to endure the heat of solar heating sunshine, no fire, electric shock concerns and other security risks. The use of these multi-purpose oven does not produce fireworks, will not give you the natural beauty of any harm.

  5. Energy saving: solar ovens to sunlight as a heat source, is currently the largest amount of energy can be detected reserves. And the sun has a thermal effect of the infrared, so as long as the sun can produce thermal effects, and environmental temperature has nothing to do, regardless of spring and summer autumn and winter, there is enough solar radiation can be carried out on the food baking, you no longer need to consume coal, Carbon, electricity and other resources.

  6. enjoy the fun of DIY: people in the food baking, you can choose the food with their own, to make ever-changing delicacies,Barbecue grill do not have to worry about the shop without special ingredients and utensils. This product is suitable for a wide range, and even can be processed fruit, cooking, soup and so on.

  7. Commercial operation: solar oven is not only applicable to individuals, groups of outdoor and family barbecue activities, and can be commercial operation, can be ranging from the number of products were baked different food to promote,Barbecue grill retail. Enjoy the sun's food while helping the operator profit.