Barbecue Grill Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

Barbecue Grill is a kind of barbecue equipment, can be divided into charcoal barbecue stove, gas barbecue stove, electric barbecue stove and microwave barbecue stove. It's a good thing to have a few friends in the world to barbecue outdoors. However, many people only know how to use, but do not know the correct method of cleaning and maintenance, greatly reduced its value, it is unwise.

1. Barbecue oven, you can apply a layer of cooking oil on the internet, to prevent physical adhesion in the baking online, so that we can easily clean after the barbecue.

2. After the use, to wait for the fire naturally extinguished (charcoal furnace), barbecue furnace temperature to room temperature, remove charcoal ash, the barbecue furnace to wipe, which baking pots and baking nets can be clean with water and cleaning brush.

3. Clean the barbecue oven with clean dry cloth dry, to prevent the furnace body rust.

Maintenance of barbecue stove

First, check the barbecue before the screws are loose. Due to barbecue in the process of heating deformation, if the installation is not correct and firm, the oven deformation will be more serious, may affect the effect of barbecue.

Second, barbecue, for charcoal stove, the weight of charcoal to moderate. If too much carbon, will produce high temperature and heat, not conducive to the operation of barbecue. In addition, high temperature may cause hot and deformed parts of the barbecue stove, causing damage to the barbecue stove. Generally speaking, the area of charcoal should be controlled within 80% of the baking basin area, not exceeding the height of the baking net.

Third, do not add liquid combustion agents or sprays to the charcoal.

Four, the barbecue stove on the weight, baking nets can smear a layer of edible oil to prevent rust.

After the barbecue is finished, place the oven in a well-ventilated area and cover the barbecue grill.