AISI Standard Hot Rolled AISI 430 Stainless Steel Sheet/ Stainless Steel Plate

Electric furnace/gas hot plate portable

The main body of metal including Ni-Cr hotline (the most common, the highest to 1200 DEG C), Mo-Si W, Mo alloy and pure metal; non metallic heating element comprises SiC , LaCrO3 and graphite rods.

hot plate sale into Middle east,Russia,South Africa.

big hot plate Advantage:

a, compared with the fuel stove is easy to get high temperature.

b, can be heated from inside the material to heat up.

c, easy to use in controlled atmosphere furnace and vacuum furnace.

d, the electric furnace has no fuel furnace flue gas heat loss, so high thermal efficiency.

e, it is easy to control the temperature, easy to control, fine adjustment.

f, can quickly heating.

g, good performance, does not pollute the environment.

Pls pay attentionto that you can't use it when it's a non electric hot plate

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