Adjust Flame

Good burners, the flame is light blue, strong fire, flame height even consistent. 

If the flame is small, for abnormal condition. Small flames of main causes and solutions are as follows:

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(1) when the gas stove cooking, occasionally rolling relief logistics or foreign bodies from falling into the fire hole, burner port congestion, the gas and air mixture flow is blocked, is small and weak. Their elimination is, can remove the burner, clean up the fire hole is blocked and cleaned with water. Processed through the burner, the flame is very small faults can be excluded;

(2) air exhaust. LPG gas cooker, LPG cylinder is exhausted, due to insufficient or too much residue in the bottle and other reasons, also makes very little flame. At this point, you should replace the new cylinders;

(3) pressure relief valve or gas burner nozzle clogging of the nozzle. Pressure reducing valve or burner stove nozzle clogged, gas jets poor, weak flame. Their elimination is, with a fine wire to clear the nozzle;

(4) the angle valve through small, open angle valve at this time;

(5) hose pressure small amount at time of flat or folded. If the hose bend flow is blocked, you can straighten hose if the hose when compressed, can be replaced with new;

(6) use pipe burner gas range, possibly due to the smaller pipe diameter and pipe corrosion caused by flames blocked a small phenomenon. Contact your gas company to solve.

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