Barbecue Grill Is A Barbecue Equipment That Can Be Used To Make Lamb Skewers

  Barbecue grill is a barbecue equipment that can be used to make lamb skewers, barbecue and so on. Barbecue pits are divided into three kinds, carbon oven, gas oven and electric oven, which gas oven and electric oven to no smoke, the product is not polluted and popular. Common types of barbecue pits on the market are apple stove, rectangular furnace, light stove and so on.

  Barbecue grill is a kind of equipment for barbecue lamb skewers, vegetables, barbecue and the like, with the most common of carbon ovens. Almost every city in China barbecue shop, barbecue stalls can see the carbon oven. Weekend barbecue pits to the wild, while chatting, while drinking, while enjoying the fun of barbecue, to reduce the usual hard work, but also for the new life highlights, is to improve people's quality of life of new products The

  The biggest feature of the barbecue pits is that you can barbecue and fry the same time, you can also use a separate function. Compact design, easy installation, popular style for Europe and the United States, suitable for multi-person wild or family gatherings, add fun

  Direct barbecue: the carbon on the barbecue grill in the center of the carbon, the vegetables, meat directly on the barbecue roasted barbecue;

  Indirect barbecue: the wood charcoal lit after the two at the carbon frame, the vegetables, meat, etc. on the baked network in the central, covered with a lid on the stew simmer food cooked