Attractive design Infrared Hot Plate, AC120V/1000W, AC220-240V/1500W

1,let's introduce electric BBQ

The utility model relates to an electric heating furnace, which is a device for generating steam or hot water by using electric energy. 

As with all electric equipment, electric coal starter has the characteristics of simple structure, light weight, no pollution and high automation. Widely used in people's life

2, how to use electric stove:

a, single solid hot plate in the use of the best in the ventilation cabinet.

b, in the electric furnace weigh a tray to prevent the burning of desktop.

c, power adjustable hot plate use a separate socket, do not pull out.

d, the electric furnace in the fire can not be splashed into the water to prevent short circuit.

e, there is temperature control, to slow down the temperature.

f, the use of electric furnace above the pad asbestos net, below the best pad electric furnace plate, electric heating furnace using the time should not be too long.

3, electric furnace principle:

double solid hot plate is simply by the resistance wire (electric wire), tray, switch, wire and other components. Its working principle is that the current through the conductor will produce thermal effect. It is impossible to heat up after power failure, but there will be a cooling process, in this process, the temperature is still high.